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Dec 28, 2009

Christmas Luck!

Sometimes you just sit at home ...and suddenly you feel the urge to hit the secondhand/vintage shop!
These are the moments when things can work out great or not work out at all.
This time, I was in LucK!
Found these maybe-1-time-worn Duccio Del Duca boots which are actually being sold right now (I was surprised) and they fit!
I will be posting some outfits (with these items) as soon as I can! Gggg it doesn't help that I've got exams coming up...

That day I also found this butterfly belt:

Dec 20, 2009


Some new earrings!
I'm really rediscovering that type of accessoire; having 4 holes in my ears, I don't wear earrings all that much...for some reason...
:Six Shop


Started a Blog with a statement: In your face, WINTER!

shirt: Vero Moda
skirt: H&M
bracelets: H&M

earrings: Six
belt : vintage