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Feb 22, 2011

I saw red (PART 2)

Second outfit from the photoshoot!
I'm sooo in love with this dress. It's second hand, and was like € 7. Can't wait till it gets warm to rock it outside!

dress, belt : vintage
shoes: River Island

Feb 20, 2011

Black 'n Blue (PART 1)


Finally I can post! Sorry it took so long, but I've been busy. And now that my photographer is busy during the week, I'm in picture-taking trouble.
Anyways, My bf gave me this gift certificate for 1 hour photoshoot with a pro photographer, a year ago already! Yesterday I finally got brave enough to actually do it. Man, I was so worried I wouldn't know what to fill that hour with, but it passed so quickly! It seemed like I was there for like 15 minutes. I had my music with me, Tesla, and then the photographer himself put something he liked on, Velvet Underground, which was cool! He showed me the pics on the big screen and they were quite good I must say, too bad I can't post the big sizes on here. Hope you lke it, too!
Once it gets warmer I'll wear these looks outside, so big pics coming up later on!

I had 3 outfits with me, this is the first one, I'll post the rest later, so stay tuned!!

skirt: vintage
boots: River Island
hat: vintage
belt: vintage