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Apr 25, 2010

Lace & Co

Haven't posted in a while! *shame* I was kinda busy... But anyway, this is my outfit from yesterday, it was a fun day out with my bf! The weather was warm and sunny so we decided to have a (mini)BBQ! Then we had some goodlookin' icecream and went to check out some local bands playing in a café.

No, these geese are not the meat you see above... They were quite vicious actually.

jacket: Rock Collection by Pimkies
lace top: vintage
shorts: vintage Levi's  501 cutoffs (DIY)
belt: vintage
shoes: Guess
bag: Pimkies
bracelet: H&M


  1. love those shorts and tights together with the lace.. the whole outfit is awesome!


  2. That looks like the best day EVER!

    Emilia Marie:

  3. hahaa you were so so chic for the barbecue!! I didn't know you had that food in Belgium! (Now I am not worry about the food there hihi) xD

    Anyway, love your lace top. I know my bf bought me one from Bebe which I saw in the web (he is currently in LA and coming next week!) :)

    I'm following you! :)


  4. Ik studeer er zelf niet (maar dat komt nog), mijn vriendje zit er op kot en ik woon er in de buurt! Hoera, leve Antwerpen :-) waar zit je op school dan?

  5. in love with the lace!! amazing outfit

    -He approves


  6. loooove the outfit. love the black lace top!

  7. Hi!

    I see you follow the blog http://mariamaliki.blogspot.com/ . I just found out the person behind this blog is using my photos from http://concoction.indiedays.com/ as her "identity". I hope you won't be following this fake blog anymore & you'll delete the link from your blog, I would really appreciate that. But if you find my style & photos interesting and inspiring, I recommend to visit my & my sister's blog! :)

    Best wishes from Finland,

  8. Yeah, this is for real. She uses lots of other blog's photos too without credits, but I guess most of her readers think she's me. She uses my pic as a profile picture, as her outfit pictures, and also posts photos of my clothes & stuff I have bought. She has even posted photos that pro photographers have taken of me (I work as a model) This really annoys me, I guess you can believe it as you're a blogger too! I'll mail her and let's see what will happen. Thanks for understanding! :)

    - S

  9. Love the lace top and...getting hungry seeing all these sweeties!

  10. I love your outfit! looks great on you!!

  11. Nice outfit love the lace top.

  12. Cute outfit...love your lace top


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